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Norman Bluhm Painting

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USA, 1960 - oil on canvas - 20.25" x 23.75"

June 21, 2016

Dated and signed front and verso , Norman Bluhm abstract oil on canvas from 1960 in very good condition.
Bluhm had his first solo exhibition in 1957 at the recently opened Leo Castelli Gallery. His association with Castelli came to an end following his second solo show in 1960. (As the tale goes, Bluhm called it quits after repeatedly visiting his own show only to find the gallery filled with works by the newly hot young artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.) Partly as a result of his experience with Castelli, Bluhm had little love for art dealers. “By accepting the rule of the dealer,” he told Art in America in 1977, “the artist destroys himself, better than anyone else could. New York now means this destructive merchandising of art.” For his part, Bluhm had left New York in 1970, living in Millbrook, N.Y., and East Hampton on Long Island before settling with his wife, Cary, in Vermont in 1986.

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